3M Senior Quality Engineer

Improving Lives in the Field of Biopharmaceuticals

As a Senior Quality Engineer, Tesha and her team develop filters that are an integral part of the purification process of drug manufacturing, from vaccines to blood purification. Tesha has been able to give back to her community while expanding her own knowledge and skills through a variety of 3M science and enrichment programs.

3 Things I Love About My Job

  1. Playing a key role in the life-changing field of biopharmaceuticals.
    Tesha is part of a dynamic cross-functional team that makes purification filters that are essential to creating safe, lifesaving biopharmaceuticals.
  2. Professional flexibility to volunteer and give back to my community.
    As a 3M Mentor and volunteer working with nonprofits around the nation, Tesha is passionate about giving back to her community and inspiring tomorrow’s leaders in science and medicine.
  3. Being empowered to continually build my knowledge and expand my expertise.
    Professional development opportunities are an important part of Tesha’s growth as a scientific problem-solver and mentor to others.

“I love having the flexibility to volunteer and give back to my community.”

Tesha Alston Dampier

3M Senior Quality Engineer, Biopharmaceutical Purification Business