3M Senior Product Development Engineer

Innovating Lifechanging Solutions in the 3M Lab

In her role as Senior Product Development Engineer, Sara spends a lot of time in the lab experimenting with innovative solutions and collaborating with a diverse team of scientists and specialists. Sara has seen firsthand how science can be used to improve lives with her experience volunteering to help implement STEM in remote Indian villages.

3 Things I Love About My Job

  1. Developing useful products that meet and exceed customer needs.
    Working in 3M’s Application Area, Sara troubleshoots products and experiments with ideas that will eventually lead to new inventions and patents.
  2. Being connected to an amazing network of unique and passionate scientists.
    The ideas and inspiration of her 3M collaborators provide a “foundation of innovation” that Sara can tap into to fuel her own creative process.
  3. Continually learning and improving through professional development opportunities.
    Sara uses the volunteer opportunities available through the 3M Impact Program to connect with others and develop her own capabilities as a scientist.

“I love the fact that I’m able to integrate my passion for mentoring kids about science into my role at 3M.”

Sara Frisco

3M Senior Product Development Engineer Commercial Solutions Division