Last Blog Post!

By Sarah Wang | August 18, 2023

Hey everyone! Welcome back. I’ve made a lot of progress on my project so far during this summer. From building my own PCB to making an app, this summer has been kind of hectic, but in a good way.

My mentor has been amazing this summer! Stephanie is literally the best, and gives amazing advice. Her expertise in innovation has been invaluable, and her insights have helped me to develop a product that is both user-friendly and useful. I’m so grateful for her support and look forward to the rest of the summer mentorship (and getting to meet her IRL at the final event!). It's also great she's a 3M scientist. Stephanie has been able to ship me 3M products that I might use for my prototype, which has been a lifesaver. She is also able to share more about the process of product design.

Aside from the summer mentorship, this summer has been really fun as well! My family and I drove to Vermont for a few days, and now we’re in California to enjoy the last days of summer. (live laugh love in-n-out!!)

I had lots of fun making these blogs, thanks for reading!