A Final Reflection :)

By Heman Bekele | August 18, 2023

Hello, I'm Heman Bekele, and welcome to my final blog post. If you've missed my previous entries, don't worry; this post is designed to be a whirlwind finale, summarizing my journey thus far and reflecting on this incredible challenge.

Let's rewind to the beginning when I first learned I was a finalist for the 3M Young Scientist Challenge. It was a mix of excitement and nerves – I hadn't met my mentor yet, and progress was in its infancy. Then came my second blog post, highlighting my enthusiasm for learning and making observations. This foundational step deepened my connection with the problem I aimed to solve.

As my third blog post rolled in, I was neck-deep in research, facing my initial roadblocks. Yet, I pushed through. This phase marked a pivotal moment, teaching me the power of pursuing a goal. The fourth blog post transitioned my initial brainstorming phase to complex research and prototype development.

And now, here we are at the final chapter. Reflecting on this journey, I'm not just proud of my achievements; I'm also filled with anticipation for what lies ahead. My mentor, an integral part of my progress, shares these sentiments. Her unwavering support has been invaluable, and I'm incredibly grateful for this collaboration.

To conclude, I am truly proud of my journey and excited about the future it promises. My ultimate aim is to develop a product that not only revolutionizes modern science but also holds the potential to impact countless lives. Thank you for joining me on this remarkable adventure and I hope you continue to follow me as I progress through this experience.