My Waves of Progress: Approaching the Finish Line

By Annie Katz | August 18, 2023

Welcome back to my final blog for the 3M Young Scientist Challenge!

I’ve made significant progress on my project:

  • I started with accuracy rates in the 60s for identifying lesion vs non-lesion areas.
  • I enhanced the model by incorporating more identifying information, resulting in a muscle recognition model with an impressive 90% accuracy and a grade recognition model at 80% accuracy.
  • I upgraded my hardware by switching to more powerful piezoelectric transducers, using a greater number of them to improve data collection.
  • I’m working on adding a user-friendly interface—a website where people can upload ultrasound images for recognition information and guidance on how to heal.

During the summer, I’ve been collaborating closely with my mentor:

  • We meet once a week to discuss my progress, share ideas, and address any challenges I’m facing.
  • My mentor has been instrumental in connecting me with experts in specific areas essential for my project and facilitating joint meetings.

The summer mentorship with a 3M scientist has been incredibly valuable to me:

  • I’ve learned a great deal through this mentorship, not only in terms of advancing my project but also in developing important life skills.
  • Access to a 3M scientist has enabled me to bounce my ideas off my mentor, receive constructive feedback, and prevent getting stuck on any single issue—I can now seek help and overcome obstacles more effectively.

Wish me luck as I put those final touches together and enjoy your last days of summer!