My 5th Blog - An Update

By Anisha Dhoot | August 18, 2023

Welcome to my 5th and final blog!

Over the Summer, I have been able to make tremendous progress on my project. I’ve finished most of my experiment and have managed to do a lot more research. More importantly, my 3M mentor, Dr. Gupta has connected me to software experts who helped me get started on building AI/ML models. This field is very new to me. I am making good progress on that front and definitely learning a lot along the way.

This summer mentorship with my mentor has meant a lot to me. We’ve had meetings every week to discuss progress and plan next steps. This has helped me stay on track. It has taught me new things, opened new pathways, helped me improve research skills, and overall has provided an amazing experience that I’ve never had before. It’s been super fun, and I cannot wait for what’s to come next.

I have also reached out to other researchers in academic and professional fields to gain valuable feedback on my ideas. This has helped me immensely and I am extremely grateful for their support.

It has been interesting to read vast amounts of literature that is out there on climate change, global warming and food security in both the mainstream and scientific community. I have also tried to keep up on current news as this problem continues to impact all of us on a global level.