Reflection and the Path Ahead

By Anish Kosaraju | August 16, 2023

Hey everyone! Welcome to my fifth and last blog post! It has been an amazing journey and I am excited to share additional information about what I’ve been doing over the summer and how my mentor has helped me.

Over the summer, I have not only worked on my project, but learned more about the scientific process and how to approach a problem effectively. Specifically, I learned about how the scientific process is in no way linear and is more of an iterative process. You have to constantly go back to a previous step and come up with new ideas if something does not work out. I also had to do research on many different topics throughout the process, not just during the beginning.

One of the most enjoyable parts of the process has been working with my mentor, Dr. Döne. She has given me feedback throughout the process, which has been extremely helpful, and has saved me a lot of time. She has also set up meetings with several experts in various fields, including a data scientist who is experienced in a technique I am using in my model.

One of the challenges I usually face with large projects is staying organized and managing time, and my weekly meetings with my mentor have been very helpful in setting milestones and goals with specific deadlines, and this has helped me stay on track with my project.

While this is my last blog post, the journey is not over quite yet. I am extremely excited to get to know the other finalists in our meet-ups. I am also thrilled for the Final Event, where I will get to see the other finalists and my mentor in person!

Thanks for taking time to check out my blog post. Bye!