The Summer Mentorship So Far

By Adhip Maitra | August 18, 2023

Hi everyone, this is my final blog.

The whole summer mentorship has been a really exciting experience in which 3M finalists can start a fresh project or continue their original project, this time with a mentor and a requirement to incorporate a 3M product. Without a physical product in my original project, I had to start afresh on a new project. At the start of the summer mentorship, I was in India, yet I and Dr. Upadhye were able to have regular meetings over Microsoft teams thus closing the seven-thousand-miles gap. I would often take the calls in the middle of the night, when it was daytime here in US, in order to talk about various project ideas. We discussed various problems and approaches to their solutions and various 3M products available which could be implemented into the solution. I finally zeroed in on Ocean Acidification and the devastating effects it has on the aquatic biomes. Throughout the summer mentorship I used the engineering design process to develop a solution through multiple iterations. After receiving feedback from my mentor, I would start again at the beginning of the engineering design process. I also did primary and secondary research; my primary research was when I collected water samples from the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean and calculated their pH values and turbidity. The secondary research was when I researched ocean acidification from lots of websites and books. My mentor guided me and steered me in the right direction in developing a feasible and efficient solution for my project. I had to do a lot of reading and while reading I learnt about different technologies. I continue looking forward with working with Dr. Upadhye and developing the working prototype.

Thanks everyone, bye!