Researching and Gathering Information!

By Anisha Dhoot | August 04, 2023

Hi! Welcome to my 4th blog!!

The hardest part about gathering information is finding reliable websites and other data sources that contain accurate information. The internet is full of unreliable and incorrect information that must be carefully filtered out during research. However, the internet does provide immediate access to a wide variety of information that previously used to be stored only in physical books. This basically levels the playing field for people across the entire world.

There is no alternative to research when it comes to solving problems. The first step is to study it really well and from all angles after which finding the solution becomes easier. Another reason to research is to find all past attempts at solving that very problem and their pros and cons.

Before getting started, you should know or have researched a fair amount of information, so that you can start with all available knowledge on the chosen topic. This lays a strong foundation upon which you can build your hypothesis and experimental ideas.

It is extremely important for scientists to be organized so that they can effectively manage all aspects of research projects. Being organized helps with not just initial research, but also with running experiments, collecting data, analyzing data and reaching conclusions while considering ways of possibly introducing errors during this process. Time management is also important for conducting experiments that are time-sensitive and would introduce large errors if not performed correctly.

As previously stated, researching and information gathering goes a long way towards finding a problem statement, learning all previous attempts to solve it, and then eventually figuring out new ways to tackle it with better and more comprehensive solutions. Research also helps with comparing pros and cons of different solution strategies and finding the best solution technique to tackle the problem in the most effective manner.

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