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2022 State Merit Winner

Aishwarya Agrawal

Vesque Method - A Watering Method to Save Water

Globally, agriculture uses 70 percent of freshwater. My goal was to help reduce the amount of water that plants need, while ensuring that the plant is still healthy. I found a method of watering that can reduce the amount of water a plant needs by 50 percent by decreasing the time that pores are open.

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2022 State Merit Winner

Elizabeth Gill

A Dog’s Advanced Prosthetic Leg

This project is about an advanced prosthetic leg for canines that have lost one or more of their legs and need to fulfill their daily lives to their best ability.

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2022 State Merit Winner

Sahit Jayaweera


Air pollution is a huge problem in city areas, especially in low-income areas. While trees are useful, they are too costly and require too much maintenance. My solution was to create a vertical moss panel that could be used in a city setting to reduce air pollution and sequester carbon while being low cost and low maintenance.

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2022 State Merit Winner

Salamat Ibrahim

Eco-Solution: The Earthly Journey into Improving Earth's Water Sources

The situation that I will be addressing is trying to improve the environment for both animals, plants, and humans from a toxic element known as chlorine, (Cl) This chemical element has been used to act as bleach to kill harmful bacteria in drinking water.

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2022 State Merit Winner

Sanjay Iyer

Detecting Microplastics in Tea Bags Using Nile Red Dye

As of 2020, tea is the second most consumed beverage in the United States; every day, 50% of the population drinks 2.16 billion cups of tea. Though the consumption of tea presents numerous health benefits, it also introduces the topic of microplastics entering and harming the human body.

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2022 State Merit Winner

Sara DeVolld


Illuminations are wearable, fashion-forward LED garments and jewelry used to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder in the long, dark winter months of northern communities.

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2022 State Merit Winner

Shriyadita De

Empowering Communities to Monitor Local Watersheds for Rapid Response

I have created a cheap stream water monitoring device using an open source “Arduino” electronics board to measure the turbidity, temperature, and pH of the water, and hope to send the data that is collected from the sensors into a server so everyone can access it via a webpage or a phone app.

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2022 State Merit Winner

Silas Erwin

PERCEY (Personal Emotional Robot for Connecting and Educating Youth)

PERCEY is a companion robot that can teach kids coding and STEM but also contains a cellular hotspot so low-income families can get access to the internet and every kid can get telehealth counseling. Also, PERCEY uses deep neural networks and integrated telehealth to help you in times of need.

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2022 State Merit Winner

Toshan Bhattacharya

P.A.M. - Plant Assistance Machine

P.A.M., the plant assistance machine, is a device that I engineered to help inexperienced gardeners, understand the needs of their plants better. P.A.M specifically helps gardeners with their plant’s soil consistency, soil moisture amount and the amount of shade the plant receives.

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2021 State Merit Winner

Alexander Lui

Rheumatoid Arthritis Monitoring

The current approach of RA treatment requires that rheumatologists evaluate their patients’ conditions using a combination of quantitative measures and patient reported measures to assess their disease activity and adjust their patient’s treatment plans accordingly.

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2021 State Merit Winner

Alexander Wang

Long-Lasting Values

I extracted oleanolic acid from olive leaves, and turned it into a solution to prevent spoilage of food.

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2018 State Merit Winner

Abby Simmons

3D Printed Animal Prosthetic

This project utilizes 3D printing to create a functional prosthetic for an animal that would otherwise not be able to do something he was born to do. Peg, an Indian Runner duck, was rescued by his owner as a duckling after his foot was presumably bit off by a turtle while in a pond.

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