Innovative Minds: Ishaan Iyer

Perdew Elementary | 5th grade | 11 years old

Tactile Electronic Braille Display Device 2.0

About the Idea

Meet Ishaan. Ishaan created a cost-effective Braille device that encodes the English alphabet into Braille language and converts it into a tactile Braille cell.

Why did you enter the 3M Young Scientist Challenge?

I entered the 3M Young Scientist Challenge because I am passionate about science and technology, and I believe that the competition provides an excellent opportunity for me to showcase my skills and ideas in these areas. Additionally, I am excited about the opportunity to work with 3M’s talented scientists and engineers, as well as the potential to win the grand prize and further my education and career in the field of science.

What is your favorite invention of the last 100 years, and why?

My favorite invention of the last 100 years would be the reusable rocket. It has made space travel more efficient and cost-effective, making it possible for us to explore space in a sustainable way. It also has the potential to greatly impact industries such as satellite launches, and make space exploration more accessible for scientific research and commercial endeavors. I am passionate about rocket science, and this invention is a step towards making my dream of working on space exploration a reality.

In 15 years I hope to be...

A rocket scientist working on designing and building inexpensive and eco friendly spacecrafts that common man can use to explore the universe.

"Science is not only a discipline of reason but, also, one of romance and passion." -Stephen Hawking

Meet the Mentor

Dr. Mark Gilbertson

Senior Robotics and Automation Engineer

Mark Gilberston is a Senior Robotics and Automation Engineer in the Automotive and Aerospace Division at 3M.

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