Finalists, Mentors and Judges

The 2023 3M Young Scientist Challenge Finalists and State Merit Winners have been announced!

Today’s Innovators

Get to know the diverse personalities of students, 3M Mentors, and others who have contributed their unique talents to the 3M Young Scientist Challenge. Use the tabs below to explore exciting ideas and inspirations from previous years’ challenges.

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2023 State Merit Winner

Aanshi Shah

An Innovative Method to Produce Electricity Using Sound

2023 Finalist

Adhip Maitra

Finding Effective Ways to Remove Carbonates from Ocean Water to Lower Acidity

Meet Adhip. Adhip developed a computer program that can detect cases of Ptosis, a condition in which the upper eyelid droops abnormally low.

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2023 State Merit Winner

Aniket Tadinada


2023 Finalist

Anish Kosaraju

A Novel Machine Learning Approach to Preventing Account Takeovers for Enhanced Cybersecurity

Meet Anish. Anish built a new method to improve cybersecurity measures by combating cyber account takeovers that does not require Multi Factor Authentication.

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2023 Finalist

Anisha Dhoot

Using Kelp Seaweed to Improve Food Security and Fight Climate Change: Building Soil Parametric Database and Exploring AI/ML Application to Improve Productivity and Reduce Carbon Footprint

Meet Anisha. Anisha’s project focuses on utilizing kelp seaweed to improve soil quality and crop selection.

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2023 Finalist

Annie Katz

Automated Ultrasound Hamstring Lesion Detection & Diagnosis

Meet Annie. Annie created an affordable in-home ultrasound device and detection programming that can identify hamstring lesions.

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2023 State Merit Winner

Arin Bhandari

Sewage Electricity Generator

2023 State Merit Winner

Arman Kazi

Solution to the Communications problem in Neuromuscular Disease Patients

2023 Honorable Mention

Audrey Kim

BeeHappy and BeeSion: A Raspberry Pi-based Artificial Intelligence Live-Streaming Camera Detector and a Portable Prototype with a Mobile App for Monitoring and Alerting about the Condition of Beehive

2023 Honorable Mention

Bhargav Mandakolathur

Green AC

2023 State Merit Winner

Chilok Mak

Neuro Necklace: Automated Migraine Prediction and Prevention using Physiological Sensors, Artificial Intelligence, and Personalized Aromatherapy

2023 State Merit Winner

Dev Gadhia

The Zotarolimus-Rosuvastatin Eluting Biodegradable Stent: A Novel Coronary Stent that can treat patients with Hyperlipidemia and Coronary Artery Disease

2023 State Merit Winner

Greeshma Vinoy

Bio-Inspired Structure for Impact Resistance

2023 State Merit Winner

Hanna Suzuki

Quantitative Analysis of Space Weather and its Visualization

2023 Winner

Heman Bekele

How a Bar of Soap Can Help Cure Cancer Worldwide - Melanoma Treating Soap

Meet Heman. Heman developed Melanoma Treating Soap (MTS), a compound-based bar of soap designed to treat skin cancer.

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2023 State Merit Winner

Henry Martin

Kinected - Ambient Intelligence through Hand Gestures

2023 State Merit Winner

Iffat Iftekhar

LCEDP - Liver Cancer Early Detection Plan

2023 Finalist

Ishaan Iyer

Tactile Electronic Braille Display Device 2.0

Meet Ishaan. Ishaan created a cost-effective Braille device that encodes the English alphabet into Braille language and converts it into a tactile Braille cell.

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2023 State Merit Winner

Jamie Cheng

GumShield: An In Situ Hydrogel Spray to Treat Gum Disease

2023 State Merit Winner

Jasmine Parran

Solar Roadways + Energy Trappers

2023 Honorable Mention

Kavin Puri

Detection of Medical Issues using Facial Recognition and AI Machine learning

2023 State Merit Winner

Kayley Xu

Respiratory Sound Classification Using AI -- A Machine Learning Approach to Auscultation Interpretation

2023 State Merit Winner

Meha Seshan

P.A.T - Portable Allergen Tester

2023 State Merit Winner

Mila Nguyen

(M A R V i L) Marine Autonomous Research Vessel i O T Linked; Improving Data Collection for the Optimization of Seagrass Growing Conditions