Challenge Resources

Spark Curiosity, Ignite Innovation

Give students a roadmap to real-world problem solving with a variety of easy-to-use resources designed to support student entries in the 3M Young Scientist Challenge.

Student Resource

Storyboard Your Idea

Visualize your ideas with a storyboarding tool.

Plan out your idea through simple steps in a storyboard. You don’t have to be a great artist—just use this tool to develop your thoughts freely.

Student Resource

Challenge Video Tips and Tricks

Want to know how to create a winning entry?

Follow a simple 10-step formula to create your own one-of-a-kind challenge video using this resource.

Tips and Tricks .PDF, 230KB
Student Resource

Past Winners & Finalists

Meet former challenge participants for the inside scoop.

Find out how other students from all over the country were able to make it all the way to the finals in the nation’s premier science competition.

After-School Resource

Project Template

Guide students through the entry process.

Use a series of simple brainstorming exercises to encourage students as they create their challenge submission.

After-School Resource

Project Timeline

Stay up-to-date on important milestones.

Use this streamlined overview of the challenge process to ensure students are on track for successful submissions.

En Español .PDF, 253KB
Project Timeline.PDF, 239KB
Educator Resource

4-Week Roadmap

Implement the challenge anywhere with this handy tool.

Check out this PowerPoint for a breakdown of the challenge entry process in a flexible format that is easy to incorporate into your lessons.

4-Week Roadmap .PPT, 10.4MB
Student Resource

Certificate of Achievement

Celebrate the innovator in every student.

Bring the excitement of problem solving into any learning environment and show students your appreciation for their scientific skills.

Educator Resource

Letter to Parents

Scientific exploration beyond the classroom.

Start a dialogue with parents and inspire them to support student challenge submissions with an introductory letter covering the basics.

En Español .PDF, 126KB
Read Letter.PDF, 126KB
Parent Resource

Parent Support Tips

Ready to guide students on a one–of–a–kind STEM adventure?

Empower students to channel their scientific curiosity into a life-changing journey using 10 simple tips designed to streamline the process.

Parent Tips .PDF, 250KB
Moitri Santra

Moitri Santra

Finalist 2021

This challenge was a fantastic opportunity to integrate myself more into the world of brain computer interfaces and how they can be applied in early diagnosis and treatment.