Lesson Plans

Science is about ideas. Teaching is about bringing it to life.

Use these free lesson plans to turn your classroom into a lab and let the magic of “doing” begin! Engage your students with topics relevant to their life to underscore the power of science that impacts our world, and more.

child in rain boots splashing in puddle

Don't Slip!

Students measure, record and graph the frictional force between a block of wood and 3M™ Sandpaper.
post-it note and measuring tape

How Strong Is It?

Students work in groups to explore the properties of Post-it® Notes and determine the amount of force required to pull them across a plane.
magnet and nails

Interaction at a Distance

Students explore magnetic strength and how combining magnets can increase it.
girl behind stack of newspapers

Strong as Newspaper!

Students make a simple but strong structure from tubes made from rolled up newspaper.
white eggs in a basket

The Everyday Science of Eggs

Students learn about the anatomy of an egg and how egg proteins change when they are heated, beaten, or mixed with other ingredients.
boy holding can with string to his ear

The Everyday Science of Sound

Students conduct a series of demonstrations that illustrate the science behind how sound is made and heard.