Family Activities

Science is about ideas. Teaching is about bringing it to life.

Use these free parent activities to turn your home into a lab and let the magic of “doing” begin! Engage your students with topics relevant to their life to underscore the power of science that impacts our world, and more.

hand holding ice cream cone

Make Ice Cream in a Bag

This do-it-yourself treat also serves as a simple chemistry lesson. Investigate changing states of matter, chemical reactions, and the properties of ice and salt while working for your dessert.

Numbers in Nature

This simple activity helps build appreciation for the complex structures found in the natural world.

Recycling: Old Made New

In this family activity, students explore different items that can be recycled and observe and compare the differences between various paper products.
sunlight reflecting off water

Right Back at You!

In this family activity, students make a rudimentary light reflectivity tester to help them determine the relative reflectivity of various materials around the classroom.
sun in sky with clouds

Solar Cooking

In this activity, you will harness the mighty energy of the sun and give solar cooking a try!
girl behind stack of newspapers

Strong as Newspaper!

In this family activity, students make a simple but strong structure from tubes made from rolled up newspaper.
tornado over ocean

Tornado in a Bottle

Simulate a tornado with this handmade contraption and learn some weather science along the way.