Family Activities

Science is about ideas. Teaching is about bringing it to life.

Use these free parent activities to turn your home into a lab and let the magic of “doing” begin! Engage your students with topics relevant to their life to underscore the power of science that impacts our world, and more.

First Aid Kit

Create a First Aid/Emergency Preparedness Kit

Create or update your household first aid kit, and make it part of a comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Kit.
Bubble wrap

Cushion It!

Students investigate basic science principles involved in different types of collisions, from a bat hitting a baseball to a car crash.
looking at finger prints through magnifying glass

DIY Detective Lab

With forensic science, you and your family can find out who has been touching every surface in your house!
child in rain boots splashing in puddle

Don't Slip!

In this family activity students measure, record and graph the frictional force between a block of wood and 3M™ Sandpaper.

Fun with Adhesives

In this family activity, students work together to come up with an inventive solution for homemade glue.
post-it note and measuring tape

How Strong is It?

In this family activity, students work in groups to explore the properties of Post-it® Notes and determine the amount of force required to pull them across a plane.
beakers filled with liquid

In the Mix

In this family activity, students explore how knowledge of the properties of objects (mainly size) can be useful for separating mixtures.
magnet and nails

Interaction at a Distance

In this family activity students explore magnetic strength and how combining magnets can increase it.
sun and earth

It's Getting Hot In Here

In this family activity students investigate the absorption and reflection of solar energy by the top surface of a simple model house by collecting and analyzing actual temperature data
noise canceling headphones

It's Too Loud!

In this family activity students examine the effect of ear protectors on sound level reduction.
Shadows cast by people crossing the street in the rain

Light and Shadow

In this family activity, students gain a foundational understanding of light by studying how it interacts with different objects.

Make a Model Windmill

Make a toy or model windmill for your windowsill or garden and learn about the fundamentals of wind energy first-hand.