Dr. Mary Caruso Dailey

3M Product Development Specialist
Industrial Adhesives and Tapes
Dr. Caruso Dailey is currently working on adhesives for electronics bonding in 3M’s Industrial Adhesive and Tapes Division.

Meet Dr. Caruso Dailey. From cellphones to vehicles, the science of Dr. Mary Caruso Dailey can be experienced, although you may not be able to see it. As a product development specialist for the Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division at 3M, Dr. Caruso Dailey is currently developing adhesives for new electronics applications. Previously, she developed the film material called Crystal Silk, a durable film composite embedded with tiny glass beads that create a smooth tactile experience and easy-cleaning surface for a variety of touchpad-powered products. Before that, she worked in the Industrial Business Group on epoxy-based structural adhesives that have been brought to life in automotive, aerospace and industrial applications.

Mary has a passion for positively influencing our next generation of scientists. She is actively involved in a number of leadership and mentoring opportunities, such as the 3M’s student Science Training Encouragement Program (STEP) and 3M’s Teachers Working in Science and Technology (TWIST) program. Mary has also served as a science fair judge at both the state and regional levels, volunteered at the Regional Science Bowls, and inspired high-school students through speaking engagements as part of the 3M’s Technical Teams Encouraging Career Horizons (TECH) program.

Mary earned her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2010 and her B.S. in Chemistry from Elon University in 2006.