Dr. Döne Demirgöz

Research Specialist
Corporate Research Systems Lab
Dr. Döne Demirgöz’s passion for science and engineering expands into many scientific areas at 3M. And when Dr. Demirgöz is not solving problems on the job, she’s inspiring and encouraging the next generation of young scientists through mentorship programs.

Meet Dr. Döne Demirgöz. As a 3M research specialist in the Corporate Research Systems Lab, Dr. Demirgöz knows that science does not happen only in the lab. Her quest for science, knowledge, and creating revolutionary new products and solutions for both 3M and its customers, has led her to many roles at 3M, ranging from – her studies and time in the material and digital labs, to customer insights roles to learn root problems to solve, to supply chain to ensure new product materials get to where they need for final creation.

Dr. Demirgöz passion for science and engineering is also demonstrated through her work with younger generations. She is a member of 3M TECH (Technical teams Encouraging Career Horizons), a program for middle and high school-aged students focused on the importance of higher education, and is involved in Girls in Action, a mentoring program that is designed to influence the next generation of high school girls in their academic careers.

Dr. Demirgöz received her Ph.D. in optical biosensors from the Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research and Johannes Guttenberg University in Mainz, Germany and her B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey.