Dr. Belma Erdogan-Haug

3M Product Development Specialist
Renewable Energy Division
Dr. Erdogan-Haug serves as a volunteer tutor for students in St. Paul, MN area high school and is actively involved in mentoring students through the 3M Science Training Encouragement Program.

Meet Dr. Erdogan-Haug. Dr. Belma Erdogan-Haug is a product development specialist for 3M's Renewable Energy Division. She currently leads the New Encapsulant Technologies Project in the Energy Generation Lab. After finishing her post-doctorate at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Erdogan-Haug started her 3M career in 2006 in the Corporate Research Materials Laboratory (CRML) as a senior research scientist. Here she worked on multiple technologies including Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Nanoparticles and Low Shrink Dental Materials that can be used in many areas throughout 3M.

Erdogan-Haug has also been very active in the 3M Tech Forum, 3M’s global network for technical employees. She has served as a Corporate Research Materials Laboratory senator for two years, was elected to chair the organization’s Polymer Chapter, and has been chairing the Academic Relations Committee for the last two years. Erdogan-Haug also serves as a volunteer tutor for students in St. Paul, Minn. area high schools and is actively involved in mentoring high school students through 3M Science Training Encouragement Program (STEP) and college students through Honoring Women Worldwide.