Virtual Field Trips

How Nature Inspires 3M Science

What do gecko’s feet, spider legs, goose feathers and fireflies have in common? They are all features designed by nature that have inspired 3M innovations in science! Take your students on a Young Scientist Lab Virtual Field Trip to 3M World Headquarters, to explore how 3M scientists are using biomimicry to improve and invent new products for everything from healthcare to food science to adhesives.

Inside the World of 3M Science

It's the first ever Young Scientist Virtual Field Trip broadcasted from 3M's World of Innovation! Join special co-hosts Hannah Herbst and Kyle Hill as they get hands-on with 3M Scientists doing experiments you can only see at 3M World Headquarters. You'll hear from 3M's leading scientific experts about just a few of the countless 3M innovations that are improving lives worldwide. From the batteries that power your smartphone to the non-reactive fluid that keeps supercomputers cool and operational, you will get an in-depth look at how 3M science improves your daily life!