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Xavier- The Role of Research

Part of my research has been talking to different scientists in various fields who have expertise with different parts of my project. The other part of my research is more independent.

Sophia - One Problem at a Time

There are so many problems to solve using science, sometimes it's hard to pick just one. Check out my video below explaining how I narrowed down the problem for my project!

Kyle Tianshi - The 3M Mentor

When I first heard of the 3M Young Scientist Challenge, I was immediately drawn in by the 3M summer mentorship program.

Harsha - Pursue What Matters

This is the 3rd part of my blog series - "A 14-year old's view of the art of scientific investigation".  Last week I posted about the importance of observation.  This week I want to discuss

Ekansh - Picking A Solution

Hi fellow Young Scientists, I hope you are enjoying your summer time off. I still have a lot of work to do on my project and wanted to give you guys an update!