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Abhinav - My First Blog!

Hi everyone, hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. I’m Abhinav Anne from Plainfield, Illinois.   I’m happy and honored to have been chosen as a finalist in this year’s Challenge.

Samarth - Another broken egg!

    Hello friends! I am Samarth, a rising 9th grader with a passion for technology, cooking, and fencing. This is my 1st blog ever; I am a bit nervous but excited!

Moitri - How It All Started

Hi there, fellow STEMists!     My name is Moitri Santra and I am an incoming 8th grade student at Jackson Heights Middle School in Oviedo, Flor

Veda - Excited to start the journey!

Hello! My name is Veda Murthy, and I am a rising 8th grader at Rachel Carson Middle School in Herndon, Virginia.

Sarah - Let the Journey Begin!!!

My name is Sarah Park, and I am from Jacksonville, Florida, the Sunshine State. When my science teacher, Mr.

Danielle - Becoming Part of the Scientific Community

I was inspired to enter the 3M Young Scientist Challenge by the many world-class research scientists who are revolutionizing the medical field today, such as Jennifer Doudna & Emmanuelle Charpenti

ONE MONTH LEFT: Stuck on Your Project?

Check out these Research Tips We all get stuck sometimes. And working on your 3M Young Scientist Challenge entry is no exception!