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Tip Tuesday: Think Like a Scientist

Kick off the Scientific Process This year’s 3M Young Scientist Challenge asks a big question: How can you improve lives for the future? Thankfully, scientists throughout the centuries have proven th

Tip Tuesday: Curiosity IS the Answer!

Let Your Curiosity Lead You!  Register and stay up-to-date with the 2020 3M Young Scientist Challenge - HERE.  "What if?" At 3M, scientists ask that question everyday to spark day-to-day solutions t

Happy New Year, Young Scientist!

It is 2020! Have you made your New Year's Resolution, yet? Why not challenge yourself to think creatively, use science to problem solve and help others?

Dr. Frankenstein - Faraz Tamboli

When you create a product to help people or when you are trying to discover, undiscovered ideas you should keep in mind that the process of science should be enjoyed.   What has been the best

Camellia - Water, water, everywhere!

Hard to believe summer break was over so fast. The good part is that I got to play with water and learn a lot about our water distribution systems.

Samyak - Memorable Summer!

Hello all,  Summer break finally comes to an end! I had a wonderful summer filled with learning and innovating.

Nishant Lahiri - The Excitement and Heartache

      Finally. It has been great to go to a laboratory and generate data for iCART. It took several safety courses to even be granted access to the lab.  It was a bit intimidating the first day.

Yosef- Grass is The Answer

Not to give too much away, but grass, not trees, is the answer. How can this be?