July 2021

Danielle - A Deeper Dive into My Final Project

Hello! In this video I am very excited to report that I have chosen my final project topic - having narrowed it down from three candidate ideas.

Viraj - How it all began

How I got to hear about quantum dots and their properties is that one day my older sister and I were generally chatting and then she began to tell me about Graphene Quantum Dots (GQDs) and how they ar

Samarth - Eureka! Eureka!

https://youtu.be/N2yJ4aw8LjI Eureka! Eureka! Process of making an observation  We all know about the Scientific Method.

Moitri - Dig Deeper Into the Problem

Hello again, fellow STEMists!    I am back with my second blog post! In the video below, I talk about what drove me to choose the problem I did, and where I found the inspiration

Danielle - Narrowing Down My Final Project Ideas

This last week as a 3M Young Scientist Challenge finalist, I have been reviewing research papers for applying machine learning to the range of neurological and psychiatric illnesses that I spoke about

Aadrit - Thinking Out of the Box

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog. In my second blog post, I would like to share with you a little part of the steps on how my project came to life.