July 2019

Reshma - And Then There Was One

Hello! This is my third blog post and I want to talk about the process I went through for selecting a topic to work on.

Kara-The Final Decision

        Limiting all the problems down to three wasn't too hard, but picking just one problem to focus on was pretty difficult. I had to figure out which problem has the greatest impact on the world a

Caroline - My Train of Thought

Dear fellow scientists, Currently, transportation is responsible for about a third of our countries climate-changing emissions.  Reducing transportation emissions is one of the most important s

Jaya-Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Hi, this is Jaya, and here is my third blog post.    This past week, I progressed in not only my research but also in my soft skills.

Samyak - Observations and Problems!

Hi, there! We meet again fellow science lovers!  I’m Samyak Shrimali and this is my second blog post.

Faraz - Too many problems!!!

Hello friends, there are many problems in our world. We wish we could solve them all. But do we really have the time for it?

Jordan - Identifying Problems

Hi, this is Jordan. In this blog post, I am going to be identifying and narrowing down problems I need to solve.   Watch my video blog below:

Reshma - Narrowing Down My Choices

This is my second blog post and I chose to do it in video format. Watch it below…     Thank you for watching this video blog and please look out for more to come in the near future!

Nishant - How I knew my idea was the one

I call myself an all-rounder due to my interest in so many different things. Music, science, swimming, golf, running, global concerns, you name it.