September 2017

Rithvik - In pursuit of the unknown

Hello, everyone! It’s me, Rithvik! Today, I’m back again with my 5th blog post. I’ve been making significant progress in my project with the help of my 3M mentor.

Kate - Research Done Right

Hello Scientists! Two weeks ago I talked about the importance of research. It is crucial to research before you start a project, and all scientists do it.

Devin - Research at Your Fingertips

In today’s world why would anyone try to solve a problem without research, it is literally at your fingertips… Signing off, Devin Willis

Anika - So Much to Learn, So Little Time

Hello everyone! In my last blog post, I had mentioned that I narrowed down my list to one problem that I felt most passionate about - water quality.

Austin - Back to the Future

Hello, Fellow Scientists! Observing how the world makes and uses energy motivates me to conduct research.  Research is essential to formulate hypotheses, develop testable predictions, gather dat

Simone - My evil plan is working!

Hi guys! My plan may not be evil exactly, but it is definitely working! It's so cool to see my ideas start to become a reality!

Rain, Rain Go Away

According to the National Climate Assessment heavy rains are becoming more common. Even worse, extreme precipitation events now occur more frequently and at heavier levels than they did in the past. Young scientists can help turn the tide.

Samu - Why even research at all?

Can you solve a problem without researching it? An effective solution tailors itself to the needs of a problem, and so before we attempt to solve a problem, it’s essential that we gain a proper under