Danielle - The Finish Line in Sight!

Hello fellow STEM enthusiasts!

Wow - what a summer of science!  Now that school has begun again, I'm sure we are all multi-tasking even more heavily than ever, but now I'm happy to report the finish line is squarely in sight!

My video blog below details that I have made excellent progress on my final project and I am tuning my final deep learning model on my final input data!

It has been an honor to work with my 3M mentor Ms. Sara Frisco and she has helped me keep on track  - our weekly meetings became a fixture over the summer and something I looked forward to each week. Also, for inclusion of my 3M product she connected me with other 3M expert scientists pertaining to that subject matter, and so I felt like we were operating as a real team developing a scientific product!

There were many challenges to overcome  - for all the details have a look at my video blog below - but some of the most difficult challenges happen when results don't work out as you anticipated (this is even more challenging than coding bugs in my opinion) - that is when you may need to change your approach methodology, or even modify your hypothesis, but if you persevere you will be rewarded with both learning and new knowledge.

As a final fun comment - as my deep learning models grew in size and complexity, the name of the game became computing resources. Adopting more powerful computing systems is important and for every deep learning coder out there you learn about the dreaded "OOM error" (OOM= Out-of-Memory). So, a successfully loading and running GPU with the message below showing you have 32 Gigabytes of GPU memory becomes a happy place!

Here is my video blog and I hope you enjoy my thoughts!


Well, that is all for this week. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon,