Viraj - The Importance of Research

The hardest part about research is finding correct and verified information about what you are interested in researching, especially if the topic is novel. It could take a lot of time and effort to find accurate information because there is a lot of fake information on the internet. We are told to read only scholarly articles that are standardized and approved by the research committee. 

I do not think it is possible to solve a problem without related research because you might not have proper evidence for what you wish to say and it could be invalid as well. You need to have a basic idea about which area you want to research in before you get started.

I think being organized is extremely important because if you are not, you can lose track of your work and miss out on important information. It could also waste time and energy.

When you research you learn about the deep fundamentals in your area, other people’s work and what the research community has to say about the topic. Once you have enough detail about related works, you can gauge where your solution stands. If the solution has already been proposed  you need to think of another solution. If you couldn’t find any solution similar to yours it could mean that you have come up with a novel solution to the problem. 

Some of the advantages of research are - the project can become more accurate, the idea can get better and inaccuracies can be corrected.

There is so much to  learn from the research community and there is infinite knowledge we can gain from research. We cannot propose without reading others' work.