Sarah - Let the Journey Begin!!!

My name is Sarah Park, and I am from Jacksonville, Florida, the Sunshine State. When my science teacher, Mr. Pearson, first introduced the 3M Young Scientist Challenge to me, I was fascinated by the opportunity because I could connect my passions in science and research to create an innovation that could potentially give positive impact to the broader community.

I was especially motivated by the opportunity of summer mentorship with a 3M scientist if I became a finalist. I have always been curious about how things around me work and tried to find solutions to the infinite questions I wonder about.

Creating a 2-minute video was a lot of fun but quite a challenge to condense my project research and solution. However, I learned to communicate the core ideas of my project concisely and realized that the 2 minutes was enough.

The entire May, waiting for the finalist announcement felt extremely long. I dreamed in excitement of becoming a finalist. I was thrilled at the idea that if I became a finalist, I would have summer mentorship to further develop my project, a visit to the 3M Innovation center, and the chance of becoming America’s Top Young Scientist.

When I received the phone call on June 8th, my 10-month-old kitten, Apple, was surprised to see me jumping and screaming in excitement. I felt many emotions at once but overall, I was thrilled, excited, and thankful for the incredible opportunity! My parents screamed with joy and were so happy for me. My family, friends, teachers, school, Jacksonville community, and family in South Korea all genuinely congratulated me.

I am super excited to develop my project further with my mentor, Dr. Ann Fornof, over the summer.

Let the journey begin!


See you next time!