Samarth - The Paradox of Choices

What? How? When? Why? – Too many questions that arise when we see problems around us.. isn’t it? Choosing ONE problem to solve can be tricky - Phew!

The most significant factor for me is focusing on problems that are based on personal experiences- something that has affected me, someone in my family, or a friend. It is motivational and pushes me to continue working towards developing a solution. The second important factor that is important to me is ensuring that I pick a problem that I can start working on using my current skill sets. However, the problem should continue to challenge me to hone my skill-sets and learn new things along the way. Thirdly, research is vital. It helps me understand prior work in the area. This helps with the decision-making process - getting clarity that my solution will be innovative and in leveraging prior work.

With those criteria in mind, I started working towards a solution that would make an impact that mattered to my two affected family members. As I researched more, I realized that the problem I chose to solve affected millions of others with vision impairments. I was confident that I could create an initial prototype using machine learning, APIs, IoT, and a mobile app. And that's how my journey started.  

My journey is more streamlined because of the mentorship that I get from Dr. Done. Her mentorship style helps me narrow down and focus appropriately on specific aspects of my project. Her inputs regarding industry techniques/processes helps me apply these concepts to subsets of my solution.  I have implemented her tips and am already seeing improvements in the efficiency of my pipeline. I truly feel fortunate. YAY for Dr. Done!

I feel a bit nervous but good about my progress. I have started setting up the various parts of my invention and connecting them. I am very fortunate to be paired with Dr.  Done, as I now can communicate with experts in materials science(for creating a hardware enclosure, computer vision(for creating models), and model deployment(to integrate my models).

I am looking forward to the next few months of learning, innovating, and working towards my end goal of creating a functioning prototype... super exciting! Thank you for reading my blog, and I will see you in the next one!