Samarth - Another broken egg!



Hello friends! I am Samarth, a rising 9th grader with a passion for technology, cooking, and fencing. This is my 1st blog ever; I am a bit nervous but excited! This reminds me that I really made it! I had looked at prior challenges, and honestly, the opportunities were my inspiration to apply – the mentorship, meeting fellow young scientists, and presenting my project. 

Oh no! over the time limit by 5 seconds, this attempt was great – oops! Mom forgot to turn on the video; the kid sister came in into the video; making the video was challenging, hilarious, frustrating, and fun. It taught me about the concept of elevator speech – being able to communicate the KEY points succinctly!

I checked the website many times. I hoped and dreamed about making it top 10 – knowing that it wasn’t easy. The phone call where I found out that I was a finalist - truly was an unbelievable feeling. I was totally shell-shocked to react at first, and then I jumped with joy, pride, and gratitude.  

My family, teachers, and friends were super excited to hear this news. They have all ensured that I continue to love and nurture my passion for STEM. It meant celebration, hard work, and good wishes.  

$25,000 is a huge amount of money for a kid like me! If I win, I will celebrate by treating myself and my family to something super nice – my way of saying thank you. I would love to give back to the Center for Visually Impaired- specifically to their Project Independence, a vision program for 55+, and I would definitely buy some cool gadgets to continue fiddling with new dreams and projects.  

I continue to dream, work, achieve, and have some fun. Until next time!