Samhita - The Importance of Research


Hello, fellow scientists, experts, and engineers! Welcome to my blog, and today I will be talking about the importance of research. 

Research is fundamental to a good project. You need to have reliable information to figure out an efficient solution to a problem. One of the hardest parts of proper research is making sure the research includes reliable information and is also up-to-date. This means your data must be secure, and it must also correspond to recent dates, as you want the information, such as statistics, to be the most current.

Is it possible to solve a problem without research? I believe that this isn't possible unless the information required to do it is entirely known to the dot. To begin your project, you must ultimately know the essential details when deciding your solution. 

Before you begin your project, you need to know the primary aspects of which field you are implementing your project in, and the exact problem you are trying to solve. What's important is that you must know the necessary information before jumping into solving something you might not even be familiar with. 

I believe that organizing your work is significant for scientists when researching. This is primarily because being organized prevents the information from being cluttered. For example, if I find critical information about Nano Robots or Drug Delivery systems, I would put that information in a separate folder, or copy all this information and somehow separate it with headings in one document. This way, if you look for a particular bit of information, it'll be much more comfortable. 

Overall, researching and gathering information plays a substantial role in coming up with a solution to your problem. I learned from my mentor, Dr. Döne Demigroz, that it is important to make sure that the proposed solution is the most efficient.

Thank you, and till next time!

~ Samhita