Stuck on Your Project? Check out These Tips from Past Finalists Overcome Writer’s Scientist’s Block

Overcome Scientist’s Block! 

Writer’s block is real, and it can affect everyone! There’s nothing worse than feeling like you have NO idea how to move forward or what to write next.

The next time you feel stuck on your 3M Young Scientist Challenge entry, remember that overcoming challenges is an important part of the scientific process. All of our past finalists have experienced writer’s block at one point or another, and—because they know how not fun it is—they have some tips to share.

So take a deep breath and listen to what 2019 Finalist's Samyak and Camellia have to say. Then get up and move a little: Go for a jog, take your dog for a walk, or dance to your favorite song. Once your mind feels more clear, you should be ready to click on the button below.


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