Tip Tuesday: Be Inspired!

Learn from the World Around You

As you begin to consider how you may be able to impact the future, be inspired by the world around you! 

  • Observe the problems that you, your family, your school, and your community face. 
  • Read news articles, blogs, and books with an eye for how you could make a difference.
  • Listen as people speak and think about what they say. 
  • Learn about communities around the world.
2015 Winner, Hannah Herbst found her entry inspiration through her 8th grade science teacher, and 2019 Finalist, Nishant Lahiri  was inspired to enter because it gave him an opportunity to "express his creativity in the form of science". Chances are, you won' t have to look very far to discover how you can make an impact on the community around you and the world at large! 

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