An Amazing Journey Continues

Hello and welcome to my fifth blog post. In this blog, I will be talking about my amazing journey so far as a finalist in the 3M Young Scientist Challenge.


The summer mentorship with a 3M scientist has meant that I have gotten the opportunity to observe how a scientist approaches problems, and how to innovate and find solutions to problems in a structured manner. I’ve learned that innovation is extremely complicated and requires someone to be driven, motivated and not give up when facing adversity or failure. 


Up until now, the best part of the process has been the opportunity to be able to work with my mentor, Mr. Sam Reiss. My mentor has been a great coach to bounce ideas off of and to seek advice on something when I am stuck. He has been a motivator when I was stuck and a cheerleader when I made progress and has made me understand that this is part of the process of being a scientist! My mentor’s guidance has been invaluable in helping me improve my project.


In addition to giving me general advice and guidance, my mentor has connected me with several data scientists who work at 3M. These data scientists have provided me with several specific suggestions to improve my project. I have implemented some of these suggestions and they have greatly helped improve my model!


The most challenging part of this process has been planning out my timeline for when exactly I need to get each task done while balancing out other priorities. Creating a plan has helped me alleviate this by aiming for milestones along the way.


However, I believe the best is yet to come as I wait for the Final Event where I will get to meet not only my mentor but other wonderful 3M scientists and the other finalists as well in person. I am looking forward to interacting and learning from everyone!