Samyak - Observations and Problems!

Hi, there! We meet again fellow science lovers! 

I’m Samyak Shrimali and this is my second blog post. I am very excited and thrilled that it is already the second week of the 3M Young Scientist Challenge. Meeting my mentor, Dr. Mahfuza Ali has been a great experience, we had 2 meetings so far and she has been extremely helpful by explaining the scientific process and guiding me. My goal for this week was to observe numerous problems that occur in the world around me and find the cause of each problem. Also, I had to narrow down my list to three of the most interesting problems. 

I began this process by making observations about problems that I notice within my daily life and community. I came upon numerous problems, but I picked eight that I was most passionate and interested in solving. These problems spanned across different areas of sciences like environmental science, medical science, behavioral science, and engineering. Then, I researched thoroughly for the causes of the problems. After finding why these problems occur, I was very motivated to find solutions for all of them, but I had to narrow down my list to three. 

Removing five problems from my list was a very difficult decision, I wanted to solve all the problems and was very enthusiastic. I finally made my decision of narrowing down to three problems based on the following criteria - 1. the ones I am most passionate about, 2. if I can solve them in the span of time given (solve them over this summer), and 3. how critical is problem affecting our society. Overall, following the scientific approach of researching and analyzing helped me narrow down to the three most interesting problems.

During this process and discussions with my mentor, I also understood what really motivates 3M scientists to solve problems. They are very passionate about science and work in the area which interests them most. They are also keenly interested to solve tough problems and make the world a better place. They really love what they do.

Thanks for reading my second blog! Until next time, stay tuned!