Samyak - Now the Excitement Begins!

Hello, fellow science enthusiasts! 

I am Samyak Shrimali from Portland, Oregon. I am very excited and honored to be named one of ten finalists in the 2019 3M Young Scientist Challenge. This is the first of many blog posts I am going to be writing, until the final competition in October. 

I had first heard about the 3M Young Scientist Challenge while browsing the web for science and technology-related competitions for me to express my ideas to the world. I noticed if I would become a top ten finalist in this competition, I would get a global platform to share my project, a shot at getting the title of “America’s Top Young Scientist”, and best of all an opportunity to work and get mentored by a professional 3M scientist. This got me very excited about submitting a video entry for this competition. As I told my family and teachers about this competition, they encouraged me to enter. 

As I got to making my entry video, I faced a major conflict. How would I fit all of my research and details about my project into only a two-minute video? After brainstorming and cutting down to only the main parts I needed in my video, I finally recorded and submitted my entry. After submitting my video I was proud of the end product and looking forward to the results being announced.

While I was waiting for the finalists to be announced, I was very nervous. I was confident of my project but I knew there were going to be many amazing project submissions throughout America. I was keeping my fingers crossed with excitement! When I got the call informing me that I was part of the top ten finalists in the 3M Young Scientist Challenge, I couldn't believe my ears, I thought I was dreaming! As I found out it was in reality, I was extremely excited and happy. I told my family and friends they were very proud and are already cheering for me for the final event in October. For the next couple of days, I only had one thing on my mind that I was a national top ten finalists for the 3M Young Scientist Challenge! 

Thanks for reading my first blog, see you soon next time! Stay tuned!