Nishant- Welcome to iCART

      We have gained much materially through industrialization. Population growth, mushrooming cities, jet-setting worldwide travel — all demand more energy.  These trends have come at an enormous cost to our ecosystem. The rapid acceleration of CO2 levels is causing global warming with potentially disastrous consequences. Yet, approaches such as carbon taxes and alternative energy sources are deeply unpopular given our economic realities. How can common people get into carbon management so everyone is involved and it’s not us against them? These thoughts inspired me to think about iCART. I see how common recycling has become, and I thought that people should be able to do the same for their CO2 emissions.

      Making my video was quite a fun process. I spent a lot of time keeping the video under two minutes, which was stressful yet exciting. But it helped with keeping my messaging concise.

      I was very eager to hear the results for the competition. I am competitive by nature, and I couldn’t help myself from checking the webpage to look for announcements. I felt that I had a practical approach to an important problem but I knew it was going to be tough given the many good ideas. I was also very keen on qualifying in the top 10 to get the chance to further develop my idea.

      I am excited to take my project further and spend my summer working on it. My friends and family have been very supportive from the beginning and are delighted that I became a finalist.  They are happy to see me inspired and look forward to seeing how far I can take my project. I hope that iCART can become a common household technology so more people can feel that they are contributing in protecting our future.