Kara- My process of selecting a problem

A few years ago, my grandma had a very serious Urinary Track Infection, and was sent to the emergency room. She was immediately given antibiotics, which saved her life. I was very thankful that antibiotics saved her, and later on I started to get more interested in it. So I decided to do more research on bacteria and antibiotics to gain more knowledge. While doing some research, I came across an article in Scientific American ( a magazine) about bacteria that resisted to antibiotics. It stated that antibiotics are losing its power and millions of people will die if no one does anything about it.

Limiting down my list to three problems was fairly simple, especially since all my problems revolved around bacteria. I just picked the biggest problem, which are the antibiotics resistant bacteria.

The fact that they are improving the world and helping so many people  is what motivates a 3M Scientist to solve problems. After observing many problems, they find ways to solve them. These solutions could save many lives, or even make our daily lives easier!