Jaya-The Initial Steps

Hello again! This is Jaya with my second blog post!

Week 2 came and went in the blink of the eye.  This week, I worked with my mentor Dr. Demirgoz and learned some crucial steps you need to take in order to come up with a successful innovation. I first learned how to make an impactful problem statement, and then I learned how to make a problem survey in order to gather data to see how important this problem is to other people. 

Working with Dr. Demirgoz is an amazing opportunity for me to not only be able to learn how to improve my innovation today but also be able to apply the knowledge I have gotten from our meetings in my future life in order to create more innovations. I really am grateful that I got this opportunity.

Also, throughout this week, I have been experimenting with NodeRED and using it to communicate with the MQTT nodes. To learn more, watch my video here:


Thank you for reading my blog! Looking forward to the next week!

Auf Wiedersehen! (“Goodbye” in German)