Faraz - Too many problems!!!

Hello friends, there are many problems in our world. We wish we could solve them all. But do we really have the time for it? Probably not!  If we are tasked to solve many problems at the same time we might not be able to complete any of them. On the other hand, if we pick a random problem in a rush, and put effort into it, we may later realize solving this problem didn't have enough impact on the community. 3M has given us a template that helps choose a problem that has a profound impact on society. 

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First, we need to observe the problems that happen in our world. Some happen around us. Some could be read in the news. For example, the mass shooting in Florida in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. When we identify the problem we figure out why do they exist, what could have led to them, who is involved in causing these problems and how does it affect us. 

While narrowing down problems to three, I chose problems that interested me the most and are solvable. My first is about fatal shootings that happen in public areas. Second is kids crossing the road without paying attention might get hit by cars, and the third is about the limited world of deaf and aphonic children. These problems are interesting to me because I can solve them using science in creative and innovative ways. 

I think 3M scientists are motivated to solve problems because they are influenced by something they experienced in their life and that they wanted to fix it and/or understand how it happened. Their curiosity about something leads them to want to discover it. And most importantly, I think they want to improve our lives and benefit a lot of people.