Faraz - I went bonkers!

My father told me a true story about himself when he was in second grade, about a kid named "Mona" who was aphonic. Mona used to chase my dad and my dad would get scared and run away. But poor Mona was just trying to be friends with my dad. He could not tell my dad that he just wanted to play with him.

This gave me an idea; what if I can make a device that can help the deaf and aphonic communicate, then I could help fix this problem! When my sister told me about the 3M Young Scientist Challenge then I thought I could use this chance to help make a device.   

Making my entry video was fun! I used the Alice 3 program to create cool animations and had a lot of fun doing that. I brainstormed a design for my device. Then, I planned on how I would make my video. The hardest part of the video was to make an animation to kick the ball smoothly.

When I received a call from the 3M Young Scientist Challenge, I was at my school’s outdoor education camp in Canadensis, Pennsylvania.  At first, I thought I was just selected for some math competition. But when I realized it was the 3M Young Scientist Challenge, I went bonkers! 

If I win this competition I can use the money to make awareness of this problem. 

My family is extremely excited ー my sister, mom and dad have supported me throughout this process. My grandparents are very excited and are keeping track of my progress. My family has full confidence that I’ll be able to help deaf and aphonic children by making this device a reality.