Camellia-Heading towards the final choice, with a little help

This week I narrowed my topic selections to three. I am passionate about all eight topics on my original list. Therefore, I had a hard time picking just three.

However, the conversations with Dr. Fornof helped me a lot. She was so generous with her time and knowledge. She is an expert in polymers. It was a lot easier for me to understand the structure of plastic pipes through her analogy of tightly wound spaghetti strands. ABS, PB, PP, PVC and PEX are some of the commonly used materials in the plastic water pipes. They are all polymers of the alkene homologous series.

I reevaluated my original list of eight topics with the added input from Dr. Fornof. I discarded some of the problems because they were beyond the scope of my resources. After multiple rounds of elimination, I ended up with three problems. All of those are related to water distribution.

I think the 3M scientists are motivated by curiosity to solve the problems. They are curious about the problems around them and then they are inquisitive about the solutions to those problems.