Greetings Competitors, Mentors and Friends,

We have made it. We are at the finish line of this amazing journey. I would have never been able to describe what the experience would be like ahead of time, until I lived through it this past summer. The challenge has allowed me to grow as a person, a scientist and a manager of my project, turning what started out as an experiment into a real, viable innovation. And yet, the most exciting part surely lies ahead: the final competition at 3M in Minneapolis. This week, for my last video blog, I decided to go outside and visit nature for some closing thoughts on my 3M Discovery Education Young Scientist journey. 

I want to sincerely thank my mentors Mr. Emslander, Dr. Fackler, and the entire 3M/Discovery staff, for an amazing honor and incredible experience. I am looking forward to meeting all of you as well as my fellow young scientists in Minnesota next week. I wish everyone the best of luck, safe travels, and as always, happy experimenting!

- Zachary