Mehaa- Research and Development

Hey guys!

I just wanted to update you about my summer mentorship. According to the timeline that I was given, I am supposed to be at the researching stage right now, but I am also starting my preliminary experiments and testing out materials for my prototype. My mentor, Dr. Jen Hanson, advised me that it would be best if I could finish my core work before school starts next week so that the process wouldn't be so stressful. With all the free time I have currently, I use it towards improving my design for my prototype, or researching and learning about ways to improve my product. I am really glad that I am working ahead of schedule, so that I can start preparing for the final event! Be sure to watch my guide to research so that you can recieve tips for your research process!

Thank you for being a part of my wonderful experience with the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge!