Theo-Inventing a Solution

Hey there,


Third blog post here. After choosing an important problem to solve, I started thinking about how to invent a solution. Because my project tackled energy problems I decided to invent a generator related product. My first attempt at an invention had been a power generating shoe, so I was introduced to the concept of pressure power generating. I then realized that phones use pressure too, and decided to apply the idea of pressure energy harvesting to phones. Unfortunately, because my first idea did not work, I still did not have a method for proper and efficient pressure power harvesting. After researching and thinking, piezoelectric harvesting caught my eye.

Piezoelectric materials converted pressure energy into electrical energy without the need of much space for movement, which was perfect for phone pressure harvesting because it didn't require the phone to move back and forth within the case. After experimenting and finding the qualities of piezoelectricity, next came the process of designing an actual device that would harvest the energy. I decided to embed the piezoelectric plates inside of a phone case. While pressing, the electricity would flow out from the piezoelectric plates and into the phone, achieving the effect of using your phone to charge your phone. My mentor has been a huge help to me, helping me decide a problem and solution to my problem. She is very supportive, and has helped me a lot so far. I’m looking forward to the rest of the mentorship!