Mehaa- Diving into the Problem

Last week,  I finalized my topic with my mentor, Dr. Hansen, and since then I have been conducting preliminary experiments to decide how to procure various parts from 3M and local stores for my project. By working with Dr. Hansen, I am learning how to question various fine details of a project experiment. When I asked Dr. Hansen that I needed a plastic sheet to cover something, she said there are nearly hundreds of types plastic sheets available with varying properties, "which one do you need? What are the requirements for the plastic sheets? What should it do and not do?”  those were the questions Dr. Hanson had asked me. These questions made me think in a completely different way. Communication is an art and I am confident that by the end of this summer mentorship, I will have honed that skill too.

In our last meeting, we were discussing for nearly 5 minutes about the type of glue that would suit my innovation. I learned that there is so much thought required to perfect every detail in a project and without a systematic approach, we are either overwhelmed or static in our progression. In general, when an idea does not workout it is easy to get irritated and give up.  When the purpose of our hard work is to solve a real world problem, it gives us a lot of energy to cope up with failures.

My passion towards my project is increasing everyday and I am enjoying every minute of it.  I am so grateful to Dr. Hansen for taking the time to constantly reminding the fast track schedule of this project.  

Discovery Education and 3M have already booked my flight tickets for the final event and I cannot wait for the wonderful experience waiting for me at Minneapolis. This week, I will be testing an important aspect of my design. In designing a prototype, thinking about various secondary objectives of the same product is not obvious. Dr. Hansen taught me to look out for such secondary objectives in my product and enhance the product for multiple scenarios.  Overall, I’m enjoying the motivation fueled by Dr. Hansen and the entire team at Discovery Education and 3M for helping us in this amazing experience.