Sriram - A Summer of Metamorphosis

Hello World!

I really love archery. As I played more and more, I realized how much of a limitation proximity and cost are to having a coach available at all times, so I could get real-time feedback and improve my game. I talked to many passionate archers and found they also had similar problems. I decided to make a low-cost archery assistant. At the time, I was touring blind schools and saw many pictures of blind archers. This inspired me to make my solution accessible to the visually impaired as well. Regardless of economic background or disabilities, everyone should enjoy this magnificent sport.

I’ve always been a scientist, whether I was burning up 7-segment displays or reliving the lives of scientists through vivid books and crazy experiments. My grandfather and I read about the Young Scientist Challenge. We loved it! The most unique thing about the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge is the amazing mentoring that comes BEFORE the final contest. This really makes every finalist a winner. I’m proud to be learning from a great scientist, Mrs. Kandyce Bohannon, and I’m excited to improve my project and help people around the world with my archery assistant. My summer metamorphosed from a cocoon to a butterfly!

I had never used iMovie before, so I was really excited to learn how to make my entry video. The most challenging part was figuring out what to put in the video, as I had a binder full of research I wanted to put. Once I had figured out this hard part, I could manage my video well!

I wasn’t really waiting to hear the results, as I knew the chances were incredibly slim. I was busy with everything else that I was exploring and learning.

My sister was at home when I received THE CALL. While I was still on the call, she was texting my parents and older sister:







TOP 10

My school, friends, and family are very excited!  My school shared the news in the school website and  Facebook page! Everybody asked me questions about archery, my invention, and the competition. I thank my passionate teachers for helping me get here. I’m lucky to learn from them! I also immensely thank my archery coach for helping me. I thank my awesome sisters for being the meanest possible critics, because that made me learn so much more :D. I’m super grateful for the opportunity the challenge has given me, and I can’t wait for this rollercoaster of learning and fun!

Ctrl-D (A python style of exiting :D)