Samu - Do what scares you...

Growing up, I always tended to be a little harsh on myself.

There was always this pressure that I put on myself, that everything I did had to be perfect. That I had to be the best at everything I did. And, as a kid, this led me to fear failure. To fear judgement.

But this became an obvious problem. I began to seek out the things that I knew I was good at. Things I felt comfortable with. Things I was guaranteed to win. But I began to shy away from the things I knew I wasn’t good at because they’d reveal my weaknesses. They’d leave me vulnerable.

And it was this same fear that I felt before submitting my entry video that felt so odd to me.

I had originally rushed my entry video for my science class. We had all decided to take on the 3M Young Scientist Challenge as an end-of-the-year class assignment. We were given the choice as to whether or not we wanted to submit our work to the actual challenge, even if there were no true consequences either way.

But for some reason I found it difficult to hit that submit button. Despite the fact there wasn’t even a single reason not to hit that button, I hesitated. I hesitated because I couldn’t understand why I was entering into the challenge. There was no guarantee… of anything. I doubted myself.

But, with an hour to spare until the deadline, I took a shot in the dark and hit submit.

And then, it happened.

Within a matter of days of receiving the phone call, I was up on live television and I was getting bombarded by family and friends left and right. I was on track towards competing in the finals, and possibly towards a new future.


Do what scares you not because it’ll make you fearless, but because life tends to hide its brightest moments behind the darkest of shadows.


- Samu