Rithvik - and then there were three...

Hello again fellow scientists,

It’s hard to believe that it is Week #2 already. This week, I have been working on specifying my problems and narrowing down to specific ideas. I have taken advantage of my existing prior aptitude for making observations and problem solving in general.

I have always loved a challenge big or small. Whenever I see a problem, I always look forward to combining my prior knowledge with new research to find a solution. It is always a great feeling when you get the desired result following challenging work.

In the beginning, cutting down my ideas to a “final three” seemed relatively easy. I was curious to learn more and more about each of my selected ideas, but as I researched on, it became harder to narrow down. I was quick to discover that narrowing down would be a major challenge.

Cutting down to the top 3 ideas was a hurdle, but proved as a perfect opportunity to further nurture my scientific observation-making and reasoning skills. I made several preliminary observations about each idea. Some observations came from other observations, and with this sequence of reasoning, this process was made much easier.

Following the days of research and observations in order to scientifically understand numerous ideas, contemplating possible solutions while addressing their feasibility, and connecting my ideas to experiences with the help of my mentor, I was finally able to narrow down to my top three ideas.

Right now, I am confident that my summer mentorship can transform into something that can positively change the lives of people. I believe with determination, scientific reasoning, and my fantastic 3M mentor, I can reach any goal.

After learning and discussing ideas with my 3M mentor, I reflected upon what motivates 3M scientists like him to solve real world problems and create unique and ingenious products. I think that their deep understanding of applied science, persistence for a better world, and innovative thinking sets them ahead.



“The harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph” ~ Thomas Paine



Rithvik Ganesh