Laalitya - Happy Palindrome Week!

Hello Scientists!

I am thrilled to be able to have this amazing opportunity to be able to bring an invention to life! I’ve brainstormed a lot of ideas from my observations and I have started to think about which ones I want to pick as my top 3 to brainstorm solutions on. With the fun of the Fourth of July, I kept on thinking about problems that I can solve! Its amazing the sort of problems that we discover, right around us, when we open our eyes and view the world through a different lens.

I was first told of this challenge by my science teacher, who encouraged us to enter with our innovations. I knew that this challenge was the perfect way to help me create an innovation that would help others! This year as my family and I went to India, I paid close attention to the problems that India along with other developing countries faces. Noticing that many people didn’t have any access to heating, electricity or other items that we call necessities, at the same time I saw a lot of assorted vehicles in the streets. Which led me to create a device that generates electricity from vehicular motion.

This year in my entry innovation, which could potentially alleviate the world’s energy crisis with a cheap and clean energy source, I feel like that old pull of electric engineering is tugging on my heartstrings! My little electric component box is calling out to me! I could very well see a more implemented version of my solution as my 3M summer mentorship innovation. But for now, I must put my electric heart to the side and think through solutions for the problems that I brainstormed.

I feel that curiosity and necessity always fuel me the most. A lot of our inventions and scientific solutions, have been because of the need to solve a problem and answer questions about many unsolved problems. I am excited about this journey and will keep updating you as we progress.

Until then…

Boron Yttrium Electron (BYe-)!

Laalitya Acharya